Goodman & Company

Goodman & Company Business Brokers was founded with the idea of working closely with small business owners who have made the decision to sell their businesses, but recognize how important it is to work with a proven business brokerage professional in order to successfully complete a transaction.

“Its always a rocky road to the closing”, is our most frequently spoken catch phrases. And for good reason. A successful business sale is never an easy accomplishment and unexpected issues always arise even after a good buyer is found. A focused and professional business broker knows how to handle these unavoidable situations and how to navigate through them successfully. You will significantly improve the likelihood of a achieving a successful outcome if you utilize the services of a qualified professional business broker.


We are Massachusetts/New England area business brokers. If you are considering selling your business now or in the near future, call or email us today for a FREE consultation and preliminary valuation. We charge no upfront fees and we pay for all advertising expenses. We’ll perform a thorough business analysis of your company, prepare a professional marketing package for your business and then begin introducing your business to our many buyers.  Our job is to attract the BEST buyers to your business – those with the resources and experience needed to get a deal done!

Once the offers start coming in, we work carefully with you on the structure of the deal and manage the sale process.  Our job is to get you to the closing table with a deal that works! You can rely on Goodman and Company Business Brokers to help you sell your business.